Description Our primer paint is lining layer uses as undercoat under the profile and LORENA to increase the solidity on the surface and coverage of pores resulting from applying the profile.

It holds the Saudi Quality Mark and is available in the same shades of Profile and PJ colours.

The material is filled in 25 kg drums, each drum covers an area of more than 80 square meters, depending on the colour degree and the nature of the surface

Application Guide Before painting the surface, it should be cleaned of dust, oils, fats, and other stuck materials such as old paints, wax, and others with a wire brush or a wiper, and then the surface is washed with water. If there are large cracks or deformations in the wall, it should be treated using Asseeb Putty or any special paste before applying the primer to it.

If the base is applied as an undercoat of the profile or Asseeb LORENA, the appropriate colour must be chosen for the colour of the profile
It can be applied directly or diluted in water as needed, but the water percentage must not exceed one third of the weight of the drum. It is applied by roller or brush.