Description Asseeb LORENA forms a spectrum of decorative shapes resulting from its containment of multiple, homogeneous, and strong forms of fillers that are distributed decoratively within the product to give a varied and attractive decorative shape when applied to walls. It is characterized by high durability to weather conditions and stability of colons over time.

Holds the Saudi Quality Mark and is available in more than 12 colours.

Filled in plastic drums that weigh (30) kg, each drum covers an area of more than 15 square meters.

Application Guide Cleaning the surfaces of dust, oils, and fats if any, and making sure not to spray surfaces that has any moisture or water until they are dried or treated.

Asseeb (LORENA) is a ready-to-use substance, it is sufficient to remix by stirring it inside the drum before use, with the use of water when necessary, at a rate of (1) kg for the all the drum which weight of 30 kg, (LORENA) is applied by a manual spray machine.