Hard Profile

Description A decorative water-based paint that contains a mixture of dolomite , sand and stones of different sizes and shapes. When applied, it gives the walls an attractive decorative texture in different shapes.

Holds the Saudi Quality Mark and is available in more than 24 colours.

The weight of one profile drum is (30) kg, and it is sufficient to cover an area of 10 square meters

Application Guide Before painting the surface, it should be cleaned of dust, oils, fats, and other stuck materials such as old paints, wax, and others with a wire brush or a wiper, and then the surface is washed with water.
In case the wall has any prominent cracks or deformations, they should be treated before applying the materials on them.
Then Asseeb primer is applied before the profile layer, which is an undercoat of almost the same colour.
Asseeb profile is a ready-to-use material that only needs a manual stirring process inside the drum, and dilution by a very small amount of water (700 g-1000 g) for the entire drum, which weighs 30 kg.