How do I distinguish between an original and a fake product?
The barrel is closed tightly with a plastic safety tape between the casing and the barrel
The presence of a plastic bag to keep the material sealed in black with several seals

How do I distinguish between a new and used barrel?
This is done by stamping on the barrel, which carries the color, type, number of the operational mixture, and the date of production.

The time required to dry materials?
Silica: 2 hours
Sprinkle and Profile / Coarse, Fine: 24-48 hours

It is above 35 connecting barrels to the site.

Payment method?
Cash, network, transfer, checks are not accepted for any reason.

Storage method?
Store away from sunlight, and cover for one year from the date of production or according to catalog instructions

Method of delivery?
Usually, the materials are delivered to the customer on the same day or the next day as a maximum for the colors of the catalog, but in the case of special colors it is from a week to 10 days, and the amount is taken in advance and the special materials are not recovered.

Return and exchange system from the customer to the branch?
• There is no objection to returning within a period of (7) days from the date of purchase.
• Bring the original purchase invoice.
• The drums are clean and sealed that have not been used at all
• Special colors are never recovered