Paint emulsion

Description  A matte water-based paint used for internal and external soft finishes on the walls of cement, gypsum, and wood-based buildings in a proper and suitable manner.

Characterized by a strong coverage (hiding power) and a high degree of brightness.

It holds a Quality Mark and is available in different colours up to (980) colours according to the best international catalogues.

Available in plastic containers (drums) of 17 litters, with an approximate weight of 25 kg, and steel (gallons) of 3.8 litters.
Covering a rate of (7-8) square meters per litter, depending on the nature and foundation of the surface.

Application Guide Before applying the paint, the surface must be well prepared by cleaning it from dirt, then sealing the holes and cracks by using a Asseeb Putty or any suitable paste, then it can be based with Asseeb sealer.
It is applied by a roller or a brush on a prepared internal or external surfaces after diluting it with water at a rate of (30-35)% when painting the first coat and (20-25)% when painting the second and third coat if necessary.